Hi, it's me Kate

I have done a complete 180 in the past year. I had to let go of what was no longer serving me in order to live a life I knew I deserved. I knew I wanted a life of peace, financial freedom, balance and time to be present with family and friends, and to start checking things off of my growing bucket list. There was a problem though, and it was me. I was in my own way. I was a creature of habit, and fearful of change. Professionally and personally, I was struggling. I was comfortable in my toxic work environment, and while it was financially lucrative, for me it was very unhealthy . Over the course of a decade, I had built a successful real estate career. For many years, it was exciting and fulfilling. However, that excitement turned to resentment. My real estate business became all consuming in a negative way. It was stressful and offered little to no quality of life. Personally, I was I was comfortable staying in a dead end and abusive relationship. I had poured years of my heart and soul into a relationship and a person, I thought would be my forever, my family. I was more comfortable with the never ending drama and pain I endured, than I was walking away and facing the unknown. For so long, change seemed overwhelming and scary. Eventually, my anxiety and stress levels were so high, my health began to rapidly decline. I realized that a short life of mediocrity and toxicity was scarier than facing the unknown. I knew I deserved better. I knew I was meant for more. So I made some serious changes.

I spent 6 months working on my mindset and healing. It was a transformative period, and one I'm eternally grateful to have had. I journaled, took long walks, meditated, and learned to love myself. I spent time figuring out what brought me genuine happiness, and learned that it must come from within. It was a time of discovery and clarity. It was extremely challenging, and so worth it!

where I am today

Today, I have a business that allows me the opportunity to travel the world and to help others have fabulous vacation experiences. I am finally checking items off my bucket list! I have the freedom to spend quality time with the people I love, and am able to be truly present when we are together. My health has improved in ways I didn't think were possible. Everyday, I wake up excited for life, and to start my day. I have become a better friend, daughter, and dog-mom. I have an incredible partner- he's kind, thoughtful, hardworking and encourages me to pursue my dreams. I am open to possibilities and experiences I would have otherwise turned away from. It is because of this new-found bravery, that I was open to The Freedom Formula.

The Freedom Formula came across my social media accounts, along with other programs, for weeks before I actually signed up. I am so grateful I finally did. The mindset aspect of their training program really resonated with me. I believe that success starts with a positive mind, and from a place of abundance. The mindset training helps you re-write your limiting beliefs and erase scarcity. It's a straight-forward and empowering program that gives you the roadmap to build a successful online business. The Freedom Formula community is helpful and supportive and full of people with a genuine care to help you succeed.

A year ago, I never would have believed that today I'd be well on my way to creating the life of my dreams. With the right tools, guidance and support, I truly believe anyone is capable of achieving massive success. All of which I found in The Freedom Formula. So, are you ready to start your journey to freedoms beyond imagination?

Let's collab!